Brand Story

At SAE RELOCATION, we recognize the importance of minimizing that impact and work diligently to have each department perfectly reorganized to its desired state.

Brand Story

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Relocation has always been considered a major life event in the hearts of Chinese people.

However, in the 21st century, where services are becoming increasingly valued, helping people to relocate remains an undeveloped field.

People suffer from the opaque prices, the blind and unorganized service process that is lacking in standards, and the frustration of worrying about the relocation process, yet there is nothing they can do about it.

It was not until more and more global talents were introduced and international relocation companies slowly entered the public eye that we realized that the relocation industry in China was critically underdeveloped. We realized that relocation staff could be respected, services could be standardized, and prices could be made transparent. As long as you are committed and persistent, the value created will definitely be recognized.

If a foreign company can achieve this, why not us? Refusing to admit defeat and be outcompeted by international companies, our founder was motivated to learn more about the relocation industry. She wanted to ease the pain of Chinese consumers, help relocation workers gain recognition, and act as a model for Chinese relocation brands.

Our founder began to actively participate in relocation industry association meetings in the United States, fully dedicating herself towards understanding the field. She discovered that China had a huge market potential, but for the past few decades, it has been European and American companies that have been leading the domestic moving industry. There were no domestic companies that were comparable in terms of scale, management and service quality.

This is how we started SAE RELOCATION. We aspire to become a high-quality relocation company, to break the monopolization of the high-end relocation market by foreign companies, and to become a national and global brand that offers premium and comprehensive services – a service enterprise that is worthy of respect.

Over the past 15 years, SAE RELOCATION has served hundreds and thousands of enterprises and families, constantly enhancing our service experience. We prioritized customer needs, and through years of toil and innovation, we have grown from an enterprise serving only expatriate families to a global brand service provider and partner of Fortune 500 companies.

In the next 10 years, with the upgrading of consumption, the rapid rise of domestic enterprises and the changing landscape of international commercial strategies, SAE RELOCATION believes that the moving industry will face both huge challenges and opportunities. SAE RELOCATION will always adhere to higher-than-international standards, taking integrity as the cornerstone, reputation as the support, and customers as the fundamental starting point to provide the most intimate and high-quality services to each customer.

We firmly believe that SAE RELOCATION will become a high-quality, comprehensive moving service provider belonging to both China and the world and become the mainstay of the international relocation industry.