Third Party Logistic

From transportation to warehousing, to supply chain management, even to logistics operations, third part logistic can provide a wide range of services.

Why Choose US?

Throughout third part logistic, the price can be negotiated based on the quantity and frequency of the order, so one of the main benefits using 3PL services for logistics is the cost savings. In addition, it provides a better customer experience. With access to 3PL's extensive distribution network, we can provide fast shipping no matter where you send your order.

Major Services Provided

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Procurement and Receiving Services

Ordering and receiving goods from elsewhere in the supply chain

Order Fulfillment Service

Receive customer orders, pick and pack them and arrange for them to be completed and shipped

Warehousing Services

Temporary warehousing of goods in warehouses and similar locations

Transport Services

Arranging the consolidation, division, management and transport of goods

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Some Of Our Additional Business Relocation Services

Everything you need to get moving

Our services look after everything for you, from packing to Art logistic, records management, storage and insurance. our expert moving consultants will be with you every step of the way.


Records Management





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Art Logistic