Fine Art Logistics

At SAE RELOCATION we understand the challenges that arise when packing, transporting and installing valuable fine art.

Careful Fine Art Logistics

fine arts logistics

SAE RELOCATION has set established an international network of transportation agents outside of China. Your art consultant will assist you every step of the way and keep you well informed at all times to ensure the artwork will be delivered safely and on time to the final destination on time and on schedule.

Your Fine Arts shipment will follow the steps below

Our experienced, motivated team has mastered the specialized skills to handle even the most complex and demanding projects. Your fine art consultant will assist you every step of the way and will keep you well informed at all times, so you remain in control of your shipment.

1. Artwork Inventory

Your fine art consultant will conduct a survey at your location. During this survey he will inspect each piece of art that needs to be shipped.

2. Quotation

After inspection your art and the requirements of your shipment, quote will be provided. Once everything is ok for you the next step in the process begins immediately.

3. Customized Crating

SAE RELOCATION will provide customized crates to meet your specific requirements. Extra cushioning and damage sensors will be used to safely transport your delicate and precious artwork across the globe.

delivery day
4. Transit

In order to guarantee a safe transport of your artwork, SAE RELOCATION will use customized trucks equipped with humidity and climate control, air suspension and a state-of-the-art alarm system.

5. Storage (Optional)

Once your artwork has arrived it will be carefully transported to our storage facility. These facilities are designed especially to accommodate fine art and meet art gallery standards.

6. Installation (Optional)

Our service does not end at delivery, we are pleased to assist you with the installation of your artwork for an optimal preparation of your exhibition.