Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

Hello, let me reintroduce myself!

Many events happened in 2020, but almost all of them told us to cherish the people around us, cherish the good times, and cherish the things we are doing. Renew and Upgrade Q: Why did we choose to start this company? A: The state of the relocation industry at the time could be summarized in four …

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Reduce Carbon Emissions

SAE is Always in Action Caring for the environment starts with me. Protect the Earth! On April 22nd, billions of people around the world will join in the largest annual environmental celebration – World Earth Day. The festival first appeared in the United States in 1970 and was initiated by then-US senator Gaylord Nelson and …

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Carton box’s secret

Recently, a certain video blog has exploded in popularity across all internet platforms. Eager to learn more and driven by curiosity, XiaoYi decided to watch the video. In the video, the blogger discussed how he was moving, but faced issues regarding the durability of the cardboard boxes provided by Chinese relocation companies. He complained that …

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8 Tips on How to Organize a Move Without Being Present

Moving while not being present is definitely not a common way of doing it. A lot of questions and constraints arise from this special situation: is it possible? Are they going to make some mistakes if I am not there? Who can help me to monitor this? How can I sort out what stays from …

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How to save on rents while being away from China

“Little did I know back then that my Chinese New Year 1 week holidays may turn into a more than 6 months exile out of China.   Now that China has shut down its borders for a period of time that will probably be equal to the time it will take for countries outside of …

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Case Study: How to move without the presence of the owner

The emergence of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 shook up China and then the world upside down just before the 2020 Chinese New Year. Due to the timing, many families went on with their holidays and left China during the Spring Festival period. Little did we know at that time what was going to happen with …

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