Domestic Move

A long-distance move within two (2) China cities usually means a lot of things are changing at the same time: work, school, friends and more.

Why Moving Domestically with SAE RELOCATION?

We complement the smooth flow of goods with additional services for individual industries, including pre-assembling equipment, adding labels to textile products and stocking display units. Moovit’s services create added value in the following areas:

Reliable, High-quality Global Moving

At SAE RELOCATION, we strive to give our customers the highest level of service that is possible. To achieve this mission, we constantly work on reviewing and perfecting our processes, reassessing and improving the cooperation with our partners and reappraising the quality of our vendors. Our commitment to quality, reliability and dependability is reflected in the thousands of successful domestic relocations we handled over the years for our customers. Our experienced, professional and dedicated removal consultants carefully manage every step of your move.

Competitive, Accurate And Transparent Pricing

With SAE RELOCATION, you can always expect competitive and affordable pricing explained with clarity and most importantly with no hidden fees. We differ from other movers or forwarders in that we control all aspects of the move and do not outsource the move management to middlemen. This helps save you money while providing industry-leading pricing transparency and cost granularity at every stage of the move.

Flexible And Personalized Moving Services

Every move is unique. At SAE RELOCATION, we take a personalized approach with our customers, offering options to keep you both on-time and on-budget, while providing thorough guidance and complete visibility every step of the way. Our broad range of services go above and beyond that of a typical moving company and can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Your Intra-China Move With SAE RELOCATION, Step-by-Step

Contact Us

Via our online form: an SAE Removal Consultant will contact you back within the same working day. By phone through our toll-free number +86 (21) 5301 8200 for international calls.


We perform free on-site surveys to evaluate the volume and workload of the move. We can also work with photos or videos via WeChat (for smaller volumes).

Service Offer

We submit our service offer within 24 hours to 48 hours after the survey. Our detailed service includes move details, clear pricing, exhaustive inclusions and exclusions, Terms & Conditions.

Contract Acceptance

Service provision is confirmed by signing the contract and proceeding with the down-payment. The moving process starts with document preparation and pre-packing under the guidance of your Removal Consultant.

Packing Day (s)

Time for the SAE’ moving team to come in. Our trained and experienced movers together with our English speaker supervisor take care of everything. Just sit down and relax.

custom clearance
Domestic Transit

Provision of transit information:

  • - estimated time of departure (ETD)
  • - estimated time of arrival (ETA)

delivery day
Delivery Day (s)

It is time to be reunited with your goods. Depending on your requirements, we can simply deliver your boxes to your garage or fully unpack each box and reinstall all the furniture.

insurance claims
Insurance Claim

If, unfortunately, some damages occurred during transportation, we will diligently assist in processing the claim with the insurance.


Our work only ends when your move is fully completed, which means when you are totally satisfied, and you let us know.

sae packing

Useful Additional Services When Moving Within China

At SAE RELOCATION, we always try to do more so that you can do less.

Here are 4 additional things we can take care of for you when you are moving within two distant Chinese cities:


All-Risks Insurance

pet relocation

Pet Relocation



maid service

Maid Service