Data Center Management

At SAE, we recognize the importance of minimizing that impact and work diligently to have each department perfectly reorganized to its desired state.

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Why Is SAE Your Best Choice For Data Management?

Data Center Migration

Data center management can be complex and risky. Due to limited resources, competing initiatives or lack of experience, performing a successful data center transformation can be a major challenge for many IT organizations within their internal IT department.


SAE RELOCATION helps companies mitigate risk and prepare for data center migration or all the challenges that migration inevitably bring. SAE RELOCATION data experts will thoroughly assess your requirements, assess business and technical constraints, developing a comprehensive management planning.


SAE RELOCATION has planned and executed dozens of cases of data center management, understanding the complexity and unique scope of these plans with proven methods, tools, and processes in place to ensure the success of the data migration project.

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Useful Additional Services When Moving Within China

At SAE, we always try to do more so that you can do less.

Here are 4 additional things we can take care of for you when you are moving within two distant Chinese cities:


All-Risks Insurance

Pet Relocation


Maid Service