Warehouse Moving

We can help you save time and energy, as well as minimize the operational impact on your business to the greatest extent possible.

Complete Service for Your Warehouse Move

We has a huge moving network around the world, which help us work closely together to ensure that our services cover all your needs. If you are looking for the warehouse relocation solution, we are qualified for providing the professional services to deal with your business runs as worry-less and smoothly as possible.

First, we will conduct an on-site survey to ensure your needs are understood and that the final offer of warehouse moving services will be tailored in accordance to them. Then, a comprehensive plan will be established based on your requirements, parameters, logistics, and budget constraints.

Why Is SAE Your Best Choice When Moving Warehouse?

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Flexible and personalized moving services

Loads of advance planning is involved when you are scheduling to conduct the relocation of your warehouse. In order to get things running punctually and smoothly, a reliable professional warehouse service can guarantee that the progress of your move goes according to schedule.

Reliable, high-quality global moving

Our professional team will be responsible for every detail of your warehouse move, exerting their utmost to satisfy your particular needs. If you are interested in learning how we can help you with your particular moving needs, please contact us to arrange a site visit.

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Accurate and transparent fee

If you are looking for a warehouse relocation solution, SAE Asia is qualified for providing professional services to ensure that your business runs as worry-free and smoothly as possible. In addition, we possess massive manpower and skills to deal with your inventory.

Your Warehouse Move, Step-by-Step

1. Free Pre-Move Survey

During the survey, your office move consultant will go through your office to estimate the volume of the move. Also he or she will become to understand the needs both at origin and destination specific to your company and its office.

2. Pre-Move Preparation

During the pre-move preparation, your staff will be briefed on the moving steps, each one responsibility, self-packing instructions, explanation of the codes and labels to be out on the moving boxes.

3. Moving Day(s)

The moving itself will start with the packing and possible disassembling of furniture by SAE Asia’s movers. Will then follow the transportation, the delivery, the distribution and the unpacking with reassembling at destination.


To ensure that everything that has been put under our care makes it to its final place at destination, a tracking system composed by color-coded labels and check-lists will be designed according to your move specificities.

Items We Move

Since every office move is not the same we developed a standardized but customizable office move service process. We move anything from: Files & Books, Computers, Desks, Office Furniture, Equipment, IT Servers, Machinery, Etc.

Records Management

SAE Asia's Records Management consists of high-security protection. Access restrictions are applied to all repositories and areas.

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Useful Additional Services When Moving Within China

At SAE, we always try to do more so that you can do less.

Here are 4 additional things we can take care of for you when you are moving within two distant Chinese cities:


All-Risks Insurance

pet relocation

Pet Relocation



maid service

Maid Service