Case Study: How to move without the presence of the owner


The emergence of the Coronavirus or Covid-19 shook up China and then the world upside down just before the 2020 Chinese New Year.

Due to the timing, many families went on with their holidays and left China during the Spring Festival period.

Little did we know at that time what was going to happen with the quarantines, the spread of the virus and the shut-down of the airlines.

One consequence at the end was that many people and families got “stuck” abroad, hesitating between coming back or staying in their home country.

And therefore, in the moving industry, a new type of request appeared: moving without the presence of the owner.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus crisis, we have witnessed an increase of 68% of excess baggage, +65% of packing and moving into storage and +52% of international move compared to the same period one year ago with a big particularity, the absence of the owner during the move in most cases.

Here is the story of Mr. Tao (the name was changed for privacy reasons).

Early March, we received an urgent call from Mr. Tao from Germany.


With a house rental contract coming to its end and huge constraints for flying back to China, Mr. Tao reached out to us and to see whether it would be possible to move his home to Germany without himself being present to coordinate the move.


Mr. Tao began with many questions about the safety of the goods, the privacy of his items and the difficulties to coordinate the move while not being present.

We were able to answer all of Mr. Tao’s concerns in a complete and detailed manner.


Being satisfied, Mr. Tao then managed to find a friend to open the doors for us.

On our side, our job was to deal with the property management and provide all documents required to allow our team to get in and do their work.

To make it happen and allow Mr. Tao to remotely coordinate his move, the solutions we provided were a mixed of patience, attentiveness and experience:


– During the survey, through FaceTime, Mr. Tao guided us through his home and provided us with instructions. We labeled and separated all items according to his instructions.

When some instructions were unclear, we made sure to clarify them.

We went through the home into detail, room by room, cupboard by cupboard, drawer by drawer until no item was left unaddressed.

– Then came the packing day. We began with a detailed confirmation tour with our on-site supervisor who double-checked with Mr. Tao all the packing instructions.

– Our packers then meticulously followed the labeling to pack and move Mr. Tao’s belongings

– At the end of the move, after all boxes were removed from the home, a final video tour was made to let Mr. Tao confirm that all items that were supposed to be moved were removed.