SAE Relocation | A book, a Hope


SAE RELO deliver books and set a library for the kids living in “Dongzhai”.

One person can read more than two thousand books in his or her life.

Millions of books are stored in libraries; a book lover can have more than two thousand books at home.

Life is limited, the ocean of books is endless. It’s a wisdom for a person to choose what kind of books to read.

However, there are many children have no chances to choose the books and they have very limited accesses to read them.

Their needs and desires are always in conflicts.

They are wrapped by hopeless poverty, living in the dark, wet, shabby houses, wearing poor old clothes.

When kids in cities are enjoying their normal happiness from a well-off life, the poor kids in rural areas can only live with their grandparents, lonely.

But for kids unfortunately living in rural areas under poverty, what really stopped them from changing is not the food but the poverty of knowledge and books. 

In contrast, there desire for books and knowledge is much stronger because that can inspire them to pursuit a better life not just satisfy their stomach.

Statistically, family poverty and labor loss are the two main reasons that lead to these kids dropping out of school. And it is very possible that when these kids grow up, their destiny will repeat in the following generation. 

To make a living, it’s easy for them to give up study, give up dreams. Then, the souls to pursuit freedom are continuously imprisoned in the poor rural areas.

For these children, loudly reading books on campus shouldn’t just be their childhood dreams.

We are not sure how much we can change their lives or destinies. 

But we can do our little part to let them touch more books; we can let them to fly in books where may be the nearest place to their dreams.

   A book,a hope   

Set a library for kids in Dongzhai

In minds of the children, knowledge is the light, the force, and the golden key to change their destinies.

Their desires to knowledge and books are flying out of their eyes. We SAE RELO will do our part to deliver these books to them and set a library for the kids living in “Dongzhai”.

Joining with us, many kids in cities donated their books and favorite toys to their friends living in Dongzhai. 

  Write warm words, deliver hopes  

Because of you, reading is more valuable and powerful

They wrote blessing words, drew simple cartons on the bookmarks, hoping to deliver their care to their friends living thousands of miles away.

Although the cartons on bookmarks are simple, they are drawn very carefully and the children in cities do hope that these carton drawings can motivate the kids in “Dongzhai” to learn more knowledge and to read more books.

Reading has the power to turn the lonely time of life into joyful moments.

We hope these kids in “Dongzhai” can enjoy and experience the pleasure of reading and these books can open a window for them to look at the world.