Three options that can help to make some savings on your upcoming move back home

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It is now a widely well-known fact that the costs of ocean freights from China to the rest of the world is at an historical all-time high.

As of June 2021, it is 7 times higher than the price pre-Covid (a 20ft container used to be around USD1,000 to Western Europe, and now beyond USD7,000 ??).Needless to say that these very high costs have big impacts on the moving industry and moving budgets. 

❗️❗️However, they are still options that can help to make some savings❗️❗️ 

✅ Move with friends: if you have friends moving to the same destination (or close), moving together will help save various fixed costs. 

✅ Groupage (shared container): if you don’t have friends to move with, you can share a container by sending your shipments with us. 

 ✅ Temporary storage: another option is to put your items in storage and wait for the freight to go down to a more acceptable rate. Please also take into consideration of The local storage fees.  On top of these, it is always recommended to go through your belongings and make decisions on what to move and what you can leave behind.

We are working closely with Heart2Heart and happy to assist with your donation items on the moving date ❤️. For any question or inquiry, pls email us at ✉️ [email protected].