Moving with kids challenges and solutions


When you’re looking to move your household safely and securely you’ll run into many challenges. These challenges can and will increase if you’re trying to move with children. Luckily, not everything’s so grim! Even though moving with kids can be difficult, we’ll help you have a quick and stress-free relocation. Check out the most common challenges of relocating with children and the solutions for each one of them!

Challenge: Getting and staying organized

For a move to be successful, you’ll need to plan and prepare well. However, when moving with kids, this tends to be quite difficult.

Furthermore, the most productive time of the day is usually after your children have fallen asleep and it can be quite hard to organize and carry out your move in the small hours of the night.

Solution: Start early!

Luckily, the solution to this moving challenge isn’t too difficult to reach. You’ll just need to start with your moving tasks as soon as possible. The earlier the better! Thus, if the approximate moment you want to start planning your move is around two weeks before moving day, you’ll want to start two months in advance when you’re moving with kids. This way, you can divide your move into smaller, easily achievable tasks and get them done one by one!

The earlier you start, the easier it’ll be to plan and carry out your move.

Challenge: babysitting

One of the most common difficulties you’ll run into when moving with children is making sure they’re safe while you’re preparing your relocation. You won’t have a lot of time to get everything done and, in some cases, your children could prolong the entire process.

Solution: call for help!

It’s very important not to be too stubborn when it comes to asking for help. You’ll want to finish everything alone and without help, but in some cases, this is extremely important. So, usually, the best way to deal with the whole situation is to have someone take care of your child while you’re planning and conducting your move. Additionally, if you hired reputable moving specialists to take care of everything for you, you can spend your time with your child. This is a win-win scenario, as it will make your relocation easier and give you more time with your baby!

Packing for your kids can be tough… Let them help you!

Challenge: crybaby

Your child might feel overwhelmed by the relocation and may choose to act out. Your child’s reaction might vary from crying and being sulky to outright refusing to move. So, when moving with kids, you’ll want to stop this even before it starts.

Solution: keep calm and delegate

First thing first, stay calm during the moving process. Our kids are much more intuitive than rational. This means that they feel more than they can explain and that they usually intuitively feel what their parents feel. Now, as adults, we know how to deal with the stress we are experiencing. Our children, however, do not know what he/she’s feeling, so it’s much more likely that our kid overreacts. Thus, to battle this panic, you’ll want to keep calm and relaxed. Also, to make yourself feel less panicky in reality, you can consider getting the right moving insurance for your items. This way, you won’t need to act calm, you’ll feel calm!


Another solution on top of staying calm is to delegate some of the workload to your kids. Have them pack their toys, label the rooms, sort out their clothes… involve them in the move and give them responsibilities.


The best way is to talk with your kids and to involve them in the move, but it only works if they feel calm and serenity from you.

Challenge: new environment

Another challenge parents can run into when moving with children is that their kids don’t accept the new home as their own. This is usual with small kids who easily get overly attached. Before anything else, let’s remember how we felt when our parents wanted to throw out our favorite blanket or stuffed animal, even when we were a college student. Imagine how a small child will feel when their entire world changes.

Solution: unpack your kid’s stuff first

The solution is to make sure your kid sees all of their stuff as soon as you arrive to the new home. So, whip out their favorite blankie, bowl and drinking cup! In addition to this, unpack your children’s toys. Even if nothing else is unpacked, this will help them accept the new location as their home in time. This will also come in very useful when you’re moving internationally, since this will be a new environment and getting your child familiar with it will be a challenge.

If the blankie doesn’t work, you’ll need to step up your game with some toys!