Special news from your partner in China (related to the Coronavirus)


Dear Valued Clients,

Due to the current situation in China, we believe it is important to provide you with some updates and let you know how things are going.
– we resumed work on Monday (February 10) and 50% of our operations is already functional (there are quarantines imposed by the government on workers);  
– the Hubei province (where is located the city of Wuhan) is locked-down, meaning that at this moment, nothing can go in or out aside of medical, military or official convoys;

– Surveys: 
    – we have been performing video surveys for families who preferred not to have people coming to their home;
    – for families that are comfortable with on-site surveys, our surveyors are properly protected and carry with them disinfectant;

– Packing:
    – we are assisting several clients in organizing the packing without their physical presence (people who left during the Chinese new year and decided not to come back)
    – customers are quite relieved and happy when they witness our response to the virus (implementation of disinfection steps)

– Disinfection:
    – we disinfect trucks, crews before entering, shipment before delivery, shipment going into the warehouse
    – we also provide professional workspace disinfection services (service to businesses)

Please do not hesitate to let us know if you have some questions, if your customers need to be reassured or if there is anything else we can do to help!

Sincere regards,
The SAE Team.


P.S.: We received lots of love and kind words from over the world during this difficult time, which means a lot. 
We are all safe and sound, doing our best to go through this as fast as we can.

Thank you very much for your support!