Tips for Moving During the Summer


Summer is upon us and many people decide to move during this time of the year as it is convenient since their children are out of school. Although you do not have to deal with the cold and wet conditions of winter, you will be trading that for hot, humid and depending on your location, wet conditions as well. If moving in the summer for you is unavoidable like many other people, here are some tips to help you get through the busy moving season. 

Plan Ahead
Since many people move during the summer months, that can mean that moving companies may be very limited as far as resources and manpower as they have already been allocated for other moves. You should begin your search and book your move at least 6 weeks in advance to be safe. If you are planning to move for example in August or September, it would be a good idea to secure your moving company in late June or July. 

Shoot for Weekdays
Another thing to consider is the day of the week that you decide to move. The weekends are usually very busy for moving companies because for it is much more convenient for clients to handle. However, if you are able to book your move for the middle of the week, you should have more success in securing your move reservation. 

Cushion Your Time
Thankfully majority of the actual moving process is taken care of by your moving company, but there are still some unforeseen issues that may arise during your removal. For example, your move is going great and the speed of the packing team is faster than you imagined but while on the way to the destination there is a traffic jam or weather that can create slow downs. Adding a little time cushion to your moving schedule for that day(s) will help to keep you ahead of schedule if everything goes smoothly or still on time if there are outside forces that slows transit.

Crank up the A/C
It might seem silly to remind people to remember about air conditioning during the summer but it is such an important part of quick but safe summer move. Make sure that both the home you are moving out of and the new home you will be moving into has sufficient air conditioning. Although you will not be packing your own things, you will also appreciate the air conditioning since there will be movers going in and out of the home letting the heat from outside in with them. 

On your moving day, make sure to have plenty of refreshments like cold water to make sure that you do not become dehydrated. Your movers will also appreciate it if they are offered cold water to help them cool down on a hot summer day. Little snacks also may help to keep your spirits and energy up for the day as well. 

Heat Sensitive Items
Make sure that you do not plan to pack anything that is sensitive to heat. A common example of a heat-sensitive item that would not be a good idea to pack are candles. Candles under a little heat can begin to melt and cause a mess for anything else that is in the box together with the candles.