Zero Waste in the Moving Industry

April 20, 2017

Sustainability is this big word that seems to hang over our heads these days, and for most of us it looks like quite a challenge.

What does it mean exactly? Sustainability or a sustainable product or service means that our lifestyle, our way of working, the products and services we sell do not negatively affect future generations and animal species in terms of resources, quality of life and health.

Zero Waste is a globally used term to describe a way of living and working where individuals and organizations try to send as little as possible waste to landfills and incineration centers.

By following the rule of the 5R’s (refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle and rot) we work step by step on reducing the waste and thus our impact on the environment, the oceans and of course our own health.

When it comes to being Zero Waste in the moving industry, it may look like a challenge but solutions are already there.

Recycling is one of the easiest ways for companies to lower their impact, and that’s a first step in the right direction already. SAE Asia proposes to use recycled boxes for their move.

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It requires an initial investment to become Zero Waste, even more so as an organization, but we believe that the consequences are pretty optimistic: lower costs, healthier work environment and a reduced impact on the world around us.

More and more eco friendly alternatives are entering the market on making the moving industry greener. From using recycled plastic moving boxes, to mushroom-based foam to protect the fragile pieces of your home. Zero Waste is definitely making its way to SAE Asia as well.

What can you do as a customer?

  • Don’t hold on to things you do not really need. The less you have, the less you will have to move around with you.
  • Sell or give away things that are not essential to you. Look for a charity or a cause you care for. Give your stuff the chance to have a second life.
  • Your food might not make it to your new location either. Talk to neighbors or friends who live nearby and see if they can use it.
  • Finally getting rid of that box full of electronic cables and gadgets? Make sure you give them to a reliable company like the WE project at Green Initiatives and divert them for going to landfill. (
  • Gather all possible newspaper, envelopes or other padding options instead of having to use new ones. Egg cartons, old blankets and towels will do the trick!
  • Not enough packing materials? Ask your friends, neighbors, some stores are even happy to give away boxes they would normally dump.
  • Use health friendly cleaning products when cleaning your new (and old) house. A lot of cleaning products have over 3000 harsh chemicals that are dangerous for you and your family. With just as much as white vinegar and baking soda, you can make your house clean and chemical free! Visit our website if you would like to know more on that. (
  • Cut down Junk Mail: unsubscribe from all unwanted mail you might get and get a sign on your mailbox saying: “NO commercials”.

Happy Moving!



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What started as a personal challenge became a goal shared by many; how can we contribute to a better future and better resources for us, our environment and the ones that will follow.
At ZERO WASTE SHANGHAI , we believe in the community and that we all have the power to improve the world at our individual level. And to do so, we put all our efforts into concrete and simple daily actions.
Our mission is to support individuals and organizations in their transition towards a more sustainable lifestyle in Shanghai. We make this transition smooth, simple and fun! We use online content, offline workshops and consulting missions where we share concrete tools and easy-to-implement solutions on how to be more eco-conscious and how this has also benefits on people’s health, well-being and even wallet !

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