The Growth of Adults Begins with Moving Home


The National Day holiday has not finished yet, and Sabrina rushed back to Shanghai from Nanjing. The first thing he came back was that he didn’t lie in the bed and didn’t watch the early autumn sky. He didn’t slowly spend the holiday time. Instead, she leisurely watched the moving company pack all of their homes as if they were caring for children, put them in a cardboard box, and packaged them.


This is already her third move in Shanghai.


Sabrina relied on the kitchen door, watching the moving company check their belongings in an orderly manner, thinking that they had a new life, and the previous moving experience suddenly came out.


The first time She moved, she was embarrassed and looking forward to it.


From the 1200RMB for one year student dormitory to the 1200RMB for one month leisure community, although the renting room is only 10 square meters, only one bed, and one closet, but life is free, there is no assault check of the auntie, no The roommates were so crowded and crowded, and there was a lot of danger and trouble to climb up and down … she thought that she would soon be transformed from student status to a member of society. Sabrina was full of hope and expectation. At that time, the two suitcases took away all traces of life for four years.

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The second time she moved, it was bitter and lonely.


This time she moved to start a second landlord and rented a suite of three bedrooms and one living room. On the one hand, in order to enjoy the happiness and freedom of being a landlord, the room can be chosen at will (of course, she picked the best one, the space is large, the sunshine is sufficient); on the other hand, the middleman can make a difference and reduce some rents. economic burden.


The baggage that was once pulled out with just two suitcases was simply ” created ” by a large truck. It was 11 o’clock in the middle of the night when she packed my luggage in the room. The temperature in Shanghai in the summer was like sitting in the sauna at night, hot and stuffy.


Because she had to go to work the next day, she was ready to take the rest with the toiletries and the bedding. Sabrina stood in front of the pile of scattered cardboard boxes for two minutes, pots and pans, hangers, clothes, and bedding. There are still a lot of miscellaneous and reluctant to throw away the packaging boxes of daily necessities, which have been smashed by the moving company. The foam balls that should have been placed inside are not suitable for every corner of the room …



The strength was exhausted, the sky was getting darker, and her mind collapsed. Then the whole person suddenly sobbed, tears big and big on the floor.


Too tired, want to vent …


she thought that the bed tonight was not laid out. she thought that the moving company that had originally made an appointment at 6 o’clock had not rushed for 3 times. Even if it came, it was sitting downstairs to raise the price, asking for an increase in floor and labor costs. Some fees. she thought that at 12 o’clock in the evening, she would like to put the activities of tomorrow on the line. she thought that she would face the work in the morning and full of energy. she thought … she dare not think about it again. The whole person suddenly became violent, and the original was plain and orderly. Life was suddenly disrupted by a move, and the emotions accumulated for a long time broke off in a moment, and the whole room was filled with bitterness, remorse, and desolateness.

The third time she moved, she was helpless and doing nothing.


With the second move, Sabrina no longer believes in moving companies on small ads. She started preparing for the move one month earlier. she found a very formal moving company and made an appointment for a moving consultant to evaluate. If she was not prepared to find the moving company, she didn’t even think about realizing the customer-oriented treatment when she moved.


After just returning home from work, she heard the doorbell ringing after ten minutes. She opened the door and was a moving consultant who was wearing a neat and embroidered SAE logo on her clothes . After entering the door, she asked about and measured the furniture and items that Sabrina wanted to move. The moving consultant told her that the company would provide enough cardboard, tape, white paper, air bubbles and blankets for the door-to-door packaging, and did not need to buy and do it themselves.

On the day of the move, the moving master wrapped the furniture with a blanket to avoid the bumps and bumps. The fragile pots and pans in the kitchen will be wrapped in white paper and then packed into the box to ensure that they are not broken. Even the clothes will have a special hanging box, and in the new home directly in the closet, Sabrina will pack up his more expensive items. Throughout the moving process, Sabrina began to enjoy the moving from the beginning, and slowly began to appreciate the meaning of the phrase “the customer is ” God, even if it is to the new home, SAE will also have all the cartons. Recycling, the furniture is placed in the desired position, and even the small things are put back in the original position.


And SAE has a long-term cooperation insurance company and will sign a damage compensation agreement when signing the contract before handling it. If there is something wrong, there will be insurance company staff to follow up and guarantee after-sales service. Perfect.


Sabrina laments that the quality of the entire service is comparable to that of a Japanese moving company, and there is no hidden charge for the moving process.


she thinks that she has been moving a few times in the past, and she has been very embarrassed about herself every time. she has been accustomed to the physical and mental exhaustion when she moved, but she thought it was my original choice was not correct. Sabrina laid a bed and lay down on it and sighed deeply, watching the new roommate complaining about the baggage while pushing the baggage hard as if she saw the previous one.


A leisurely moving ceremony finally came to an end …