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Caring for the environment starts with me. Protect the Earth!

On April 22nd, billions of people around the world will join in the largest annual environmental celebration – World Earth Day. The festival first appeared in the United States in 1970 and was initiated by then-US senator Gaylord Nelson and youth activist Denis Hayes.

To welcome the arrival of World Earth Day,

SAE Asia

actively calls upon the general public to

become an “activist”

and fight the “environmental protection war”.

Protecting The Environment With SAE

To promote sustainability, we have been constantly working hard and taking the initiative to choose low-pollution, biodegradable packaging materials and refusing to use disposable utensils. We have always held a strong stance in support of environmental protection and the maintenance of the Earth.

On Earth Day 2021,

we call on everyone

to join us in taking practical action

towards supporting the environment.

Join Our Earth Day Crafts Activity

Today, we will provide old cardboard boxes for children to play with!

By giving old cardboard boxes a second life in a fun way and turning them into creative works of art, we are also encouraging children to become creative environmentalists from an early age!

Activity Theme: Turning Waste Into Treasure

Activity Procedure:

1. Use the link at the end of the article to apply for boxes from SAE International.

2. Participants will reuse and modify the cardboard box, upload the photo to Dazhong Review, and tag SAE International.

3. With each successful posting, SAE International will donate 1 USD to the “Stand for Threes” NGO.

4. The five individuals with the highest number of likes on Dazhong Review will receive a donation to the “Stand for Threes” NGO by SAE International in their name and a certificate of honor.

Event Time: March 25th – April 22nd (Earth Day)

Number of participants: The first 88 people to apply (Shanghai area only)

Free materials provided: 5 small cardboard boxes and 1 roll of tape

Box collection day: before April 12th

Box delivery day: April 6th – 10th

Photo upload deadline: April 18th

Follow us! We will broadcast the progress of the event live, and the five winners will be announced on our public platform on April 29th.

Registration process: Open Dazhong Review – click on the plus sign below to edit the topic – search for “萨奕国际” in [Insert Firm] and [Associated Firms] – edit your topic and save it to publish.

About “Stand for Threes” NGO

Stand For Threes” NGO speaks for the forest, and was started by the Code RED charity organization in the United States. It plans to help protect rainforests and animals, reduce the pollution generated in our daily lives, and contribute towards the protection of the Earth.

By purchasing a Stand For Trees certificate on their website, you can support specific forest conservation groups.

SAE Asia has always been a proud supporter of “Stand For Trees” NGO, and we always do what we can to create a better future by integrating environmental awareness into our lives each day!

Speak up for the Earth and wake up everyone’s environmental awareness!

Even old cardboard boxes are “treasures.” Let’s start with making small changes around us to save the resources of the Earth we live on and live a green life.