Packing Standards & Materials

Here at SAE Asia, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We believe in not only high quality service but high quality packing materials as well.

Packing Standards

Fragile Items
Each item is individually wrapped with wrapping paper plus a layer of bubble wrap. When necessary, we place certain items, like TVs or fine art into custom made wooden crates.

Non-Fragile Items
These items are folded(if possible) and placed into boxes with a layer of protection paper at the bottom and the top of the box.

In additiion to wrapping paper and bubble wrap, we also use wrapping blankets

Packing Materials

Triple layer, reinforced cardboard boxes
Wrapping Paper
Bubble Wrap
Wrapping Blankets

Fragile(in addition to above):
Fragile Stickers
Distinct Fragile Box
Foam Protection (Additional)
Wooden Crates (Additional)

sae box

Moisture and Mold Control Measures

SAE Asia prepares to keep your personal effects and household goods safe from moisture and mould by attacking the problem at the source and by partnering with the best in the industry: SUPER DRYER.