Insurance Options

Here at SAE Asia, in order provide flexibility to our clients, we offer our clients more than one way to insure their goods during transit.

All-Risks Insurance

SAE Asia offers an ITI(Inter Trans Insurance) all-risks insurance that covers all the riss your boxes may be exposed to during transit. Before the move, list all items and their respective replacement values. A fully insured removal is an important part of a stress-free move.

Insurance Express

Even though our packers are professional and trained to carefully handle all your personal effects and household goods, damages are still part of the risks when moving. Insurance express is great for those who would like to save a little on insuring their goods. Insurance express however, is only available for local moves.

pet relocation

Pet Relocation Insurance

We can give your pet the best care possible, and we offer you the right pet travel insurance. Click the button below and have a look at the details.

Insurance FAQ

How does it work?
What is the coverage like?
What if my boxes/items get lost?
What if I do not want insurance?
How do I make an insurance claim?

IMPORTANT: Per claim, a deductible of 100 USD for international move (250 USD for domestic / local move) of the loss amount whichever shall be higher for each and every loss will be applied.