Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

“We’re Moving With…” Contest

A New Box, A New Moving Experience.  Yes, you read that correctly. Our new boxes will have a completly new look. Completely new to the moving industry our boxes allow you, our client, to write in your own sentence describing your moving experience. Keep a look out for the new box and when you do spot …

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How to Self-Pack

It is common for many expats to looking to move back home to begin to think about all of the things that they have accumulated over the years of living abroad. You could decide to ship your items back because you think that it may be cheaper than using a moving company but is that really …

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Tips for Moving During the Summer

Summer is upon us and many people decide to move during this time of the year as it is convenient since their children are out of school. Although you do not have to deal with the cold and wet conditions of winter, you will be trading that for hot, humid and depending on your location, …

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Welcome to China

Around this time of the year is when many expats first land in China on their new adventures in life. China may be wildly different than your home country but one may be surprised at all the conveniences living in this second world country may bring. China, if you allow it to, can certainly be …

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SAE Cares: Heart to Heart

SAE Asia works closely with a local charity organization, Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart is a Shanghai-based non-profit community outreach organization. Composed entirely of volunteers who donate time and support to children from extremely poor families who are undergoing or need heart surgery. Heart to Heart also gives assistance to rural Chinese schools that …

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Life in China Made Easier: Apps

Living in China can be quite a challenge but luckily with today’s technology, information is abundant and with that information the possibilities are endless. The app market in China is flourishing, with anything from movie ticket apps to taxi apps. However, majority of these apps are only available in Chinese. What apps are available for …

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Culture Shock: Saving Face

You may have heard of a cultural concept that is common in Asia called face. Face or mianzi(面子) is something that you will run into or have to get used to while you spend your time here in China. Face is very important to Chinese and it is important to not only give face to …

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China’s E-Commerce

Growth of Epic Proportions You are most likely aware of China’s robust and ever-growing E-commerce industry. With millions of Chinese now out of poverty and advancements in technology made in the past decade, this has lead to a “perfect storm” for China’s e-commerce industry. To give you some perspective, in the first half of 2015 …

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在意识到搬家行业对于纸质品的巨大消耗量后,我们制定了萨奕国际搬家服务的300元环保优惠政策。 面对国内甚至全球日益严重的环境污染问题,我们决定要改变目前的现状,从污染物的制造者变为保护环境的推进者。 300元的环保优惠就是这个改变中的重要一步,优惠政策的详情是如果您使用萨奕国际的搬家服务,如果在搬家工作结束后,我们遗留5个或以下的纸箱在您家中,我们将支付您300元现金作为支持环保的优惠。 这个政策不能够为您节省费用,更有助于推进我们对于包装材料的再回收、再利用。 点击以下链接了解更多关于300元环保优惠和“保护树木”的内容。 了解更多内容

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