Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

Paperless Kitchen in 5 Steps

On the last article we talk about how to be zerowaste in the moving industry. SAE Asia willing to do more for environmental protection, so here are the follows, how to be zerowaste at your new home, let’s start with the kitchen. To make a paperless kitchen you have to follow these 5 steps. 1. …

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Zero Waste in the Moving Industry

Sustainability is this big word that seems to hang over our heads these days, and for most of us it looks like quite a challenge. What does it mean exactly? Sustainability or a sustainable product or service means that our lifestyle, our way of working, the products and services we sell do not negatively affect …

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How to Prepare for an Emergency?

Finding care in cases of medical emergencies can be a challenge in Shanghai. When you or your loved ones are faced with a critical situation, it can be nothing short of overwhelming. Being prepared for the worst will help you make the best out of a bad situation.  If your loved one has a chronic …

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How to Prepare Your Move: Special Humidity

In order to protect your personal effects and your household goods during their removal against mold and mildew, we use at SAE Asia the best humidity absorbing technologies. See this article about how we protect your personal effects and household goods against humidity. However, the most important step in preventing mold & mildew to grow …

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How to Prepare for a Move

We’ve talked about how to prepare your pet for a move, but what about yourself? Although, there are a lot of things that your Moving Company will do for you, it still makes sense to prepare a little for a move. Here are some tips to help you moving experience become even smoother. Organize If …

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How to Prepare for a Move Pt. 2

We’ve gone through how to prepare for a move before, but that was mainly concerned about what you should prepare to move out of a home. But what about the preparations should you make before you move into a new home? In part two of this series, we discuss how to prepare your new home before …

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What it is Like to Move in China

One thing majority of us have in common is that we will have to move at some point in our lives and for expats this is an inevitability, maybe to the point of it being routine. Every time you move you are likely to face different challenges or issues that you may have never run …

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Happy Earth Day!

  Earth Day is April 22nd! What is SAE Asia doing to protect our planet? First we have our long-standing RMB 300 Green Policy. If you have never heard of our RMB 300 Green Policy it works like this:  When you move with SAE Asia, if we leave five or fewer boxes in your home …

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We’re Expanding to Singapore!

That’s right. We are expanding to Singapore! Since our clients loved our moving services so much we have decided that Singaporeans and Singapore Expats should enjoy the same high-quality, value-for-money moving services that we provide in Mainland China. We are looking to bring change to the moving industry in Singapore by implementing many of the …

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