Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

How to Prepare for a Move Pt. 2

We’ve gone through how to prepare for a move before, but that was mainly concerned about what you should prepare to move out of a home. But what about the preparations should you make before you move into a new home? In part two of this series, we discuss how to prepare your new home before …

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What it is Like to Move in China

One thing majority of us have in common is that we will have to move at some point in our lives and for expats this is an inevitability, maybe to the point of it being routine. Every time you move you are likely to face different challenges or issues that you may have never run …

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Happy Earth Day!

  Earth Day is April 22nd! What is SAE Asia doing to protect our planet? First we have our long-standing RMB 300 Green Policy. If you have never heard of our RMB 300 Green Policy it works like this:  When you move with SAE Asia, if we leave five or fewer boxes in your home …

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We’re Expanding to Singapore!

That’s right. We are expanding to Singapore! Since our clients loved our moving services so much we have decided that Singaporeans and Singapore Expats should enjoy the same high-quality, value-for-money moving services that we provide in Mainland China. We are looking to bring change to the moving industry in Singapore by implementing many of the …

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Life in China Made Easier: Healthcare

China is considered to be one of the most desired destinations for expats when it comes to living and working abroad. China’s healthcare infrastructure has a role to play in that with many options for expats to choose from during their time in the Mainland. With that being said, first tier cities certainly perform better when it …

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How to Deal with Reverse Culture Shock

For our second installment in Culture Shock, we discuss Reverse Culture Shock. You are probably telling yourself that Reverse Culture Shock, may be no big deal and you probably told yourself this about “regular” Culture Shock. In reality, Reverse Culture Shock is a very real thing and may be more difficult to deal with that the …

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New Visa and Immigration Policies for China

Chinese visa and immigration policies often change without much prior notice. Recently, there have been some changes to help standardize the way visas are issued.  The new regulations state that foreigners who have left their jobs or changed work locations, must promptly report to the exit-entry management agencies of local public security organs at or above …

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Welcome to Shanghai

Congratulations, you have made it to Shanghai! To help you with the transition, the following is some useful information that many expats ask when first moving to Shanghai. Communication What many expats worry about when relocating to a foreign country is the ability to communicate with locals. The language of the land here in Shanghai …

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Holiday Season Special!

‘Tis the season of giving and here at SAE Asia, we’d like to do a little giving ourselves! All moves booked before December 31st, will receive a 5% discount. Even if you are moving later than December(January, February or later) you can still take advantage of this deal as long as if you book with SAE Asia …

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