Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

Options for my belonging and household goods during the epidemic

During this time, the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic put all China in a tense atmosphere. If you have left or are leaving China due to this, you may need some help for taking care of your belongings and household goods. 1. I have some baggage that needs to be delivered to me urgently Personal daily …

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Special news from your partner in China (related to the Coronavirus)

Dear Valued Clients, Due to the current situation in China, we believe it is important to provide you with some updates and let you know how things are going. – we resumed work on Monday (February 10) and 50% of our operations is already functional (there are quarantines imposed by the government on workers);   – …

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SAE Asia countermeasures against for the 2019-nCoV

By taking into account risks related to the Coronavirus, SAE Asia incorporated into its daily operations a full set of disinfection and purification countermeasures to prevent contamination or spread of the virus during your moving process.  At SAE Asia, we strictly follow the prescriptions issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of China …

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Is water bed really only available in hotels?

It’s really an interesting thing to work in the moving industry. Our impression of each customer is not their dress, their conversation, but their home decoration style, style and furniture.”Home” is always the most relaxing place for people. At home, we will strongly highlight our various preferences, because in this way, we will feel happy …

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The Growth of Adults Begins with Moving Home

The National Day holiday has not finished yet, and Sabrina rushed back to Shanghai from Nanjing. The first thing he came back was that he didn’t lie in the bed and didn’t watch the early autumn sky. He didn’t slowly spend the holiday time. Instead, she leisurely watched the moving company pack all of their homes as if …

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Happy National Holiday

October 1st, 1949 was the Memorial Day for the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Although the PRC was founded on September 21st, 1949, however, the grand ceremony to celebrate the forming of the Central People’s Government of the brand-new country was held at the Tian’anmen Square on October 1st,1949. On October 2nd, 1949, …

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The Difference Between Moving and Shipping

You are probably wondering, “There’s a difference? Doesn’t moving and shipping both consist the of transportation of items from one place to another?” Yes, this is true there are a lot of things common between moving and shipping but there also is a thin line along every step of the way that you only see once …

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Healthy Travel Tips

Keep moving Another risk during air travel is developing leg clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It’s also known as “economy-class syndrome” — a condition often brought about during long flights. Periods of immobility increase the risk of having a thrombosis because sitting and leg room are cramped. Other risks for developing leg clots include …

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Moving with kids challenges and solutions

When you’re looking to move your household safely and securely you’ll run into many challenges. These challenges can and will increase if you’re trying to move with children. Luckily, not everything’s so grim! Even though moving with kids can be difficult, we’ll help you have a quick and stress-free relocation. Check out the most common …

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