Living & Moving Guide

SAE RELOCATION has prepared a moving and living guide to make your life easier.

The Difference Between Moving and Shipping

You are probably wondering, “There’s a difference? Doesn’t moving and shipping both consist the of transportation of items from one place to another?” Yes, this is true there are a lot of things common between moving and shipping but there also is a thin line along every step of the way that you only see once …

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Healthy Travel Tips

Keep moving Another risk during air travel is developing leg clots or deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It’s also known as “economy-class syndrome” — a condition often brought about during long flights. Periods of immobility increase the risk of having a thrombosis because sitting and leg room are cramped. Other risks for developing leg clots include …

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Moving with kids challenges and solutions

When you’re looking to move your household safely and securely you’ll run into many challenges. These challenges can and will increase if you’re trying to move with children. Luckily, not everything’s so grim! Even though moving with kids can be difficult, we’ll help you have a quick and stress-free relocation. Check out the most common …

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International School Introduction – Shanghai

You have found out that you or your spouse has an opportunity to broaden their experience, horizons and further develop a career by taking an assignment to Shanghai. Sounds like a great opportunity until you begin to think about the education for your children. Will there be adequate resources for your child? Will he or …

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Life in China Made Easier: Utilities

Staying on top of your bills back at home isn’t always an easy task and staying ahead of them in China can add a little more difficulty. In a fairly developed city like Shanghai, there are thankfully many convenient options for paying your utility bills. Although there are many options to pay, majority of these …

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Life in China Made Easier: Chinese Driver License

If you have overseas Driver’s License, you want to change to Chinese driver’s license, please follow the process below.Information A. General Validity Period of Motor Vehicle Driver’s License Note: Foreign driver’s license “non-product description” needs to be specified by the following institutions for translation: Shanghai SISU Corporation (No. 573 Chifeng Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai) Shanghai …

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International Moving Tips

Moving is never easy and moving to, from or within a foreign country can be even tougher to handle. Fortunately, we’ve got your back. Below are some tips to help you make that move no matter where you are.  Pre-Move ​Settle on a Moving Company at least 2-4 weeks before move. Selecting a moving company …

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Tips & Tricks for Garment Care

We got these great tips on how to take care of your beloved garments. We are so happy to share them with you guys. Please read on for more! SILK While dry-cleaning is fine for basic silk pieces, it’s even better to hand wash them in order to keep the shape. Hand wash silk in cool …

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New Policy – Working Visa

If a foreigner intend to work in China, and already have the Foreign Working Permit, then you can go to process of the working visa. See article below for the latest policy of getting a working visa.Official Formalities: Handing over the originals of valid passport and visa for examination; The original and the copy of …

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